Chilliwack Celebrates 40 Years
Richmond, BC on May 21/22, 2010

Roy did some serious hanging out at the River Rock Theatre May 21 and 22/10, taking part in the Chilliwack 40th reunion concerts. It was a memorable event with many old friends, both in the band and in the audience. In this photo, Roy and Bill Henderson share a moment at the end of the second encore, a rousing version of ‘Seventeenth Summer’. Bill’s daughter, Saffron, is to the right of Roy. That’s former Collectors/Chilliwacker Claire Lawrence, to the left of Bill. Claire produced Roy’s first, second and fourth LP. As well, Claire co-produced both UHF albums with the group.

Photo by revered Vancouver music photographer Dee Lippingwell. According to Dee’s files, her first shoot of Roy was in February 1977, at the Old Roller Rink in North Vancouver. Go here to see more of Dee’s excellent work -