The Crystal Ship
Pouce Coupe, B.C - July 1st, 1968

Rockin' Roy Forbes at age fifteen, with his band The Crystal Ship at the Pouce Coupe Barbecue on July 1st, 1968. To the left of Roy is Richard Dixon on rhythm guitar. The tall guy on the right, plucking on the bass, is Ed Hanrahan. Although you can't see Terry Emslie, you can see his drums, with the psychedelic logo on the kick drum. Missing in this shot is lead singer Brian Rushfeldt. Roy could be singing one of his early tunes, 'You Know You've Got Me Uptight, Girl'. Nice shoes, Roy.

Give a listen to Better Luck Next Time by The Crystal Ship, at Bert Bowes High School in Fort St. John, from November 1969. Roy sings the lead on this original tune.